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Privacy policy and Data Protection

Privacy policy and Data Protection

Cultural traits take the protection of personal data and information seriously. We abide by the data protection guidelines set by the industry. Cultural Traits is also affiliated with BHBIA and Insights Association.

Processing, Data Collection purpose, and use
Market Research Data collection is strictly for market research and social research purpose. We abide by the guidelines set by BHBIA and Insight Association.
Participation in our market research studies is completely voluntary. At any point between recruitment and interviewing, participants (data subjects) can withdraw their participation with no questions asked. Information obtained during interviews is completely confidential and consent is obtained prior to recording the interviews.Personal data obtained through market research shall only be stored, processed, and used in line with applicable regulations. Access to this data shall only be according to the applicable regulations.Personal data shall only be used for research purposes at the aggregate level.

Personal Information
Personal data of survey participants like the name, email, address, occupation, and contact numbers , specialty, hospital name (for physicians), health information, financial information shall be collected to meet the market research business objectives.

Data deletion
Personal data shall be deleted once the designated purpose is discontinued and in accordance with the deletion period (like the completion of a market research study or completion of an incentive program) suggested by clients.

Who has access to data?
Cultural traits shall share your information internally to its staff members for legitimate business purposes only.

Data on website
We may collect personal information when you visit our website and fill in the inquiry form and choose to submit it.We have SSL encryption on our website. This is a widely used method to keep information secure on the internet. Though we use advanced encryption on our website we cannot guarantee the security of the information that you transmit to us since the internet is not 100% secure.

Job Applicants
Information provided by the job applicants during inquiry shall only be used for the intended purpose of processing the job application and accessing your suitability for the job. We shall not share the information job applicants provides with external parties for marketing purposes. Data for successful job applicants shall be kept in accordance with our data protection policy.

IP address, Location, and Google Analytics
Location-based information shall be collected for website visitors for the purpose of Google Analytics to understand the traffic coming on our website like the country of the user.

Privacy policy modifications and changes
We reserve the right to modify the privacy policy statement at any time. We urge the stakeholders to visit our website to refer to the up-to-date privacy policy statement.

Subject Access Request:
A subject access request be made to our data protection officer to access and obtain a copy of the personal data

Data controller contact To know more about our privacy policy please write to [email protected]

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